30 days in my Toms® : Day 10~ Road Trip

This past week, I travel across the spanse of two time zones to visit my little sister in Oregon and road trip with her to Colorado to bring her home for the summer. Our wild adventure took us through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, across a portion of Idaho, the vast expanse of Utah and through Wyoming. After a wonderful night spent visiting our oldest sister and little nephews, we set out on the ever familiar journey from Cheyenne to Colorado Springs- a stretch of highway we have traveled since the time we were babies. It’s been years since I have made that trip and the familiar landmarks and cities brought back a whole slew of memories. 

One of my favorite memories of that journey is the series of landmarks we would pass that would become our milemarkers for the 3 hour journey. They were landmarks our parents had selected to dodge the never ending questions, “are we there yet?” First was Castle Rock, a giant rock attop a hill that was the pride of the small city nestled below. The second was the Denver skyline, beautiful both in the middle of the day or in the dead of night. Third was the “buffalo.” A large metal buffalo silouhette atop a large hill that symbolized the entrance into the great state of Wyoming. And fourth was the “fire.” A large tower in the middle of a power plant that always burned- our beacon that we had entered Cheyenne. For years, this was a game. Who could spot the next landmark. 

Driving down this road years later, I was reminded how much I looked forward to spying this familiar sights. Not only did they help us visualize how far we had left to travel, but they became the physical proof of the progress we had made. And our parents were our cheerleaders. “We’re halfway there! You can do it!” “You’ve almost made it!” 

Our life journey is like that roadtrip. Although our strength comes from God, our ability to endure is dependent upon our focus. If we focus on the struggle, the fatigue and the distance, we are more inclined to give up. But if we learn to focus on the author of our strength, on the encouraging support from our cheerleaders and  on the landmarks that symbolize the progress we have made- the impossible becomes possible. 

My dear friend and the founder and director of LeadHer Ministry, Christie Love shared in a recent teaching video, “Discipline allows you to celebrate your progress.” 

The distance may seem immeasurable, but the progress made no matter how insignificant is worthy of celebration. So I encourage you to scout out the milemarkers on your journey and allow them to give you a reason to celebrate and a reason to endure.


“So much in life seems inflexible and unchangeable, and part of the joy of running and especially racing is the realization that improvement and progress can be achieved.”
    -Nancy Anderson


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