30 days in my Toms® : Day 5 ~ Good Enough

I am small. 
I am young. 
I am shy.
I struggle with fear.
I struggle with self esteem.
I can’t cook. 
I do not have a degree.
I am clumsy. 
I cry too much. 
I laugh too much. 
I daydream.
I like to be alone sometimes.
I am not a morning person.
I am terrified of spiders.
I do not have a great memory.
I am a perfectionist to a fault.
I struggle with forgiving myself.
I struggle with believing in myself. 

But I am me. 

God purposed us for things greater than our capabilities. He expects performance from us greater than our talents. And He calls us to more than we believe we have within us. We will never meet His expectations because we are not good enough …

With God..

I can fight giants.
I gain wisdom because I ask for it.
I have been called to love people with God-like love.
I can still walk on water, though I am afraid. 
I am beautiful.
I am not afraid to fail. 
I am successful when I am obedient. 
I am who God created me to be.
I have a heart that breaks for what breaks the heart of God.
I know joy. 
I am learning how to pray. 
I have a God who is jealous for my time.
I am learning discipline. 
I do not have to be afraid. (God is much bigger than the spiders:) 
I have hidden His word in my heart.
I do not settle for good when I am promised great.
I have been forgiven. 
I have a God who believes in me. 
                                    ….and I am never alone. 

God does not call us because we are good enough to serve in His army. He calls us because He loves to make beautiful what’s been broken. He longs to redeem what has been ruined. And He longs to use our weaknesses to display His strength. We are living testimonies of God’s glory because we are not good enough on our own. It is by faith we move mountains, not our own two hands. It is by vision we plant churches, not mere ideas. And it is through forgiveness we have hope, not our own attempts to be good enough. 

When we say yes to Jesus, we sacrifice good enough for eternity. 

You are enough because you are forgiven.
You are enough because you are loved.
You are enough because you are God’s.

You are enough for God because you are you. 


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