30 days in my Toms® : Day 4 ~ A Coffee Shop

   I sat in a coffee shop today. An open Bible and my faithful prayer journal alongside a steaming cup of hot cinnamon spice tea. A perfect pause in a fast-paced, exhilarating day. Usually my Jesus dates are accompanied with headphones and worship music to drown out the distraction of the world- but today I chose instead to take in the sounds of those around me-the steady clatter of conversation. And then suddenly a melody. I peered up from my Bible reading to discover..


A steady rumble from drumming fingers,
As a table of gentlemen burst into song.
An acoustic rendition of some pop tune
that held the attention of others.
A couple from Asia who appeared distraught,
speaking little english, they smiled 
A moment of joy during a  trying time.
Perhaps just enough
to sway perspective. 
And yet another table nearby, 
melody untouched,
a large group of students arranged in a  circle
amidst textbooks and laptops,
 arguments and praise.
About time periods, laws and government officials. 
Another table holds two dear friends,
stilled dressed in yoga class attire
laughter and gossip pour from their lips 
as steam rises from their coffee filled cups. 
And then a serious meeting –
Graphs and charts, numbers and arrows
The American definition 
of dreams and success.
Nearby, another young couple
dear friends of mine-
who long to have a baby
but infertility has been their obstacle.
Yet they laugh and smile-
still so in love and holding out hope 
for next month’s test.  
And still another table, holding only a girl
Doubled over her Bible.
With Ear buds to block out 
the world around
Her face that of desperation-
yearning for hope
in the pages of answer, promise
and grace. 
The most human desire 
of all. 

So many people. So many stories. My heart was overwhelmed. 
For just a split second, I saw them through His eyes. Precious. Loved. Desired. Purposed.
But did they each know that Jesus loves them? Do they know how treasured they are? 

                       How will they know unless I show them.  

Love does not belong in a sentence,  it belongs on an outstretched hand offering to help, or lips offering a smile, or feet offering to walk alongside so no one has to walk along. Love is a calling, not a sermon. It is a verb, not a noun. Love is a gift, not a reward. And Love is freedom. 


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