A Glimpse into my World

Passion has never been a characteristic that has been lacking in my journey. I have a crazy passionate heart that longs to fight for the hurting, scream for the silent and change the world for the better. My passion brings me to tears, laughter and hurt more times than I can count, but for most of my life, I have not known how to use my passion. It was simply in the way of everything logical and practical. And so my passion was forced to lie dormant in a submissive surrender to the hostile enemies of control and security. 

A little over a year ago, God stopped my car on a country road on an early Sunday morning and told me that enough was enough. It was time to stop fighting Him, to stop running, and to stop living for myself by myself. He stood between my impulsive, broken heart and suicide and set me on a journey of powerful healing, God-sized dreaming, colossal callings and crazy faith. My passion was reawakened, strengthened and given purpose. God sized purpose.

This blog is an attempt to document my crazy journey of dangerous passion and the pursuit of God-sized living (aka dreaming put into action). On the outside I’m just an ordinary girl. I’m 22, short, stubborn and filled with the desire to change the world. I love green tea and believe the illusion that chocolate can make every thing better. Hugs make my heart happy and I believe everyone deserves a second chance at life-even turtles on the highway. I cry at chick flicks and I swear the ocean speaks right to my soul. Caffeine is not my friend, and I secretly wish that life came with a soundtrack like it does in the movies. 

I’m just a crazy ordinary girl that shouldn’t even be here today, but because of the forgiving heart and redemptive love of my Daddy God- I’m here. And I choose to live my life sold out for Jesus because I was created for an extraordinary purpose. Watch out world.





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